April 2016 Public Forum

Our April Public Forum featured two speakers, Berish Bilander, Campaign Manager for PTUA and David Rothfield, from BZE.

Berish Bilander

Berish Bilander

Bearish Bilander, Campaign Manager for PUBLIC TRANSPORT NOT TRAFFIC spoke about the need to improve the public bus network in Melbourne to meet the demands of a growing population, particularly in regional and suburban areas currently not served by train or tram services.  People need an efficient alternative to the private car which is polluting and causing congestion.   To attract users – the bus service needs to be frequent, connect well to train services, have travel priority over cars and run on direct routes.  

Berish presented the concept of a new cross town electric bus system to connect key jobs and activity hubs, powered by renewable energy.  Electric buses have already been deployed overseas, proving the technology is ready to go, and could easily be built right here in Victoria. 

To become a member of PTUA visit: www.ptua.org.au/members

David Rothfield

David Rothfield

David Rothfield, a member of BCCAG Board and Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) explained how high speed rail (powered by renewable energy) could transform our nation, connecting highly populated zones of eastern Australia, economically and efficiently.

David participated in the preparation of BZE’s report on High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail is back in the news. According to our local former parliamentary member, Andrew Robb, “we should build it now, whilst the world is awash with cheap money”. The proposal is backed by both the ALP and The Greens.

The Very Fast Train

The Very Fast Train


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