May 2016 Public Forum


The May 2016 Public Forum was a success with over 50 people attending, including the Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates for the forthcoming Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

Tim Forcey discussed the efficiency of Heat Pumps. We call them Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in Australia. Every where else in the world they are called heat pumps. This name results in many people thinking of them as air conditioners only. They have never thought to press the HEAT heat button.  Heating with an efficient heat pump can be much cheaper than heating with gas, but it will depend on your building.

A copy of Tim’s presentation can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey is the Energy Advisor at the University of Melbourne Energy Institute and a member of BCCAG. His research found that Victorians can collectively save hundreds of millions of dollars per year on home heating bills by using Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners.

Read more in this article from The Age where you will find a video trailer of Tim’s presentation.

Tim Forcey can be contacted on 0419 019 864


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