Author: Viresh

June 2015 Forum Cam Walker Fracking in Victoria

The BCCAG Monthly Meeting on 24 June 2015 featured Cam Walker. Cam is the campaigns co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth. For the past five years the organisation has applied most of its campaign resources into grassroots activity in regional Victoria, in support of renewable energy, and to establish effective resistance to new coal and

May 2015 Forum Market Forces – Divestment

Govind Maksay, from Market Forces, spoke on Divestment at our May Meeting. Market Forces provide these links so you can compare your banks and super funds with regard to the amount they invest in the fossil fuel industry.  How to Switch Banks Guide, Climate Proofing your Finances and a Superannuation tool. He also mentioned an interactive investment map that shows all

April 2015 Forum Neil Blake – Living in the Plastic Age

LIVING IN THE PLASTIC AGE Monthly Meeting – Wednesday 29 April 2015 Event: BCCAG Monthly Meeting Speaker: Neil Blake Subject: Living in the Plastic Age When: 7:30pm Wednesday 29 April Where: Sandringham Uniting Church Hall 21 Trentham St, Sandringham Neil Blake will present a public talk and a short film about Port Phillip Bay. Neil

March 2015 RAP Project

RAP it up: Baysiders act on recycling soft plastics by Teresa Murphy Cr Heather Stewart and Captain Trash launch the program. Baysiders can now recycle soft plastics, thanks to a program called RAP (Residents Against Plastics). Conceived by the Bayside Climate Change Action Group, the trial program was launched at the Bayside farmers’ market in