Author: Viresh

August 2013 Forum Clean Vote

About 120 people attended the BCCAG “Clean Vote” forum on Tuesday 27 August 2013 to listen to five election candidates answer questions on climate change. BCCAG would like to thank Guy Stayner for a magnificent job as moderator. The ABC 7.30 Report was broadcast on the evening Friday 30 August 2013. The segment filmed at

April 2013 Forum Mark Bytheway – Sustainable & Ethical Investing

GUEST SPEAKER – MARK BYTHEWAY On: Sustainable & Ethical Investing When: TUESDAY 30TH APRIL 2013 At: Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham Mark Bytheway is a Bayside resident and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Sustainable Investment Research Institute (SIRIS), a specialist Asian regional investment research group, providing sustainability and governance

26 March 2013 Forum Sharyn Munro – How Coal is Killing Australia

Sharyn Munro – “How Coal is Killing Australia” – Tuesday 26 March 2013 Below is a transcript of Sharyn’s talk. Good evening everyone. Thank you for your interest in my book – ‘Rich Land, Wasteland – how coal is killing Australia’ and to the Bayside Climate Action Group for inviting me to speak, and for

4 March 2013 Forum Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) Thermal Imaging Secrets

Volunteers with the Bayside Climate Change Action Group have conducted energy assessments on over 100 homes, many with a thermal imaging camera. Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) discussion group revealed the many thermal secrets that our homes have been keeping from us – until now!  Vermin in the roof, 42 degree bedroom walls at 11 AM, electrical