August 2013 Forum Clean Vote

About 120 people attended the BCCAG “Clean Vote” forum on Tuesday 27 August 2013 to listen to five election candidates answer questions on climate change. BCCAG would like to thank Guy Stayner for a magnificent job as moderator.

The ABC 7.30 Report was broadcast on the evening Friday 30 August 2013.
The segment filmed at the BCCAG meeting is below.

Your Vote

About half the people attending voted (65 of approx 120) on the candidate that impressed them most on their climate change policies. Of those, close to 2/3rds gave their clean vote to The Greens, with the WikiLeaks Party coming a surprise second. BCCAG would like to thank all the candidates, the Hon Andrew Robb (Liberal), Daniel Guttmann (ALP), Rose Read (Greens), Dr Binoy Kampmark (WikiLeaks) and Clifford Hayes (Stable Population Party) for their participation and heart felt presentations.


Guy Stayner from ABC’s 7.30 Report (Friday). An ABC film crew will also attend.


Andrew Robb (Liberal), Daniel Guttmann (ALP), Rose Read (Greens), Clifford Hayes (Stable Population Party) and Dr Binoy Kampmark (WikiLeaks). Note that Katter Party and Palmer United Party have withdrawn their candidates.



What are the big issues we face in Australia? While refugees and the economy dominate the headlines, the threat from climate change is hardly mentioned. Despite the lack of attention, the news on global warming only gets worse. Unfortunately, whilst debate in election campaign focuses on the pros and cons of pricing carbon, the increasing level of global greenhouse gas emissions is alarming.

In recent years scientists have debated whether the safe upper limit for CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is 300 or 350 parts per million. Meanwhile, the actual level has now reached 400 parts per million.

Also, the latest Climate Commission report has warned that 80% of known fossil fuel reserves will have to stay in the ground to avoid dangerous climate change. This has obvious implications for investment decisions this decade, especially in Australia where we mine and use fossil fuels so extensively. But we are not discussing this.

The world has continued to see heatwaves in Europe, Russia and the USA, as well as extreme rainfalls, a warming climate, more evaporation from the oceans, more water vapour in the atmosphere, and more rain, and warming of the oceans.

Ignoring these trends is not an option, and the consequences will be disastrous. The scientific consensus is strong but politicians are far behind in agreeing on action. Strong action is needed now.

To allow Goldstein voters young and old to hear our politicians answer your questions on this important topic, the Bayside Climate Change Action Group with local members of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition is holding an election forum. Come and hear what those who want your vote have to say. Hear from sitting member Andrew Robb (Liberal), David Guttmann (ALP), Rose Read (Greens), Clifford Hayes (Stable Population Party) and Dr Leslie Cannold (WikiLeaks).

‘Clean Vote Candidate Q & A’ on Tuesday 27 August 2013 at 7.30pm at the Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St., Sandringham.

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