March 2015 RAP Project

RAP it up: Baysiders act on recycling soft plastics by Teresa Murphy

Cr Heather Stewart and Captain Trash launch the program.

Baysiders can now recycle soft plastics, thanks to a program called RAP (Residents Against Plastics). Conceived by the Bayside Climate Change Action Group, the trial program was launched at the Bayside farmers’ market in Sandringham on November 15 by Cr Heather Stewart and Captain Trash (aka Neil Blake from the Port Phillip EcoCentre). Bayside Council is co-funding the six-month trial, which aims to reduce soft plastics such as shopping bags going to landfill. Bins for soft plastics are at locations across the municipality. READ MORE in the article immediately below.


RED BINPlastic bags are killing our environment, clogging waterways and piling up in landfill. Bayside Climate Change Action Group have been awarded a Bayside Council grant to help recycle this waste, which will be turned into outdoor furniture, decking etc by a local Australian owned company, REPLAS, who will recycle the plastic bags and make these 200 useful PRODUCTS. BCCAG’s trial will provide 5 distinctive red bins at 5 locations across Bayside. They are:

  1. St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Cnr North Rd and Cochrane St, Gardenvale (bin on Cochrane St. side)
  2. Bambini Childcare 13-15 Asling St, Brighton
  3. Bambini Childcare 73-75 Wilson St, Brighton
  4. Beaumaris Library (front foyer) 96 Reserve Rd, Beaumaris
  5. Council Offices (front foyer) 76 Royal Ave, Sandringham

SOFT PLASTICSPlastic bags and other plastic wRAPpings, like GladwRAP, and the wRAPping around packaged biscuits and confectionary cannot be recycled in a normal recycling bin. So if you can scrunch the plastic into a ball then this is the plastic that must go in the red bin to make useful products like theseWHAT TO PUT IN RED RECYCLE BIN

✓ Bread bags ✓ Biscuit packets & trays
✓ Cling wrap ✓ Rice and pasta Bags
✓ Fruit & Vegetable netting bags ✓ Frozen food bag
✓ Bubble wrap ✓ Newspaper plastic wrap
✓ Confectionery packets ✓ Plastic shopping bags
✓ Old green bags ✓ Cereal Box Liners


✘ Plastic bottles ✘ Glass
✘ Solid Plastic containers ✘ Paper and cardboard
✘ Tin cans ✘ Food waste

The RAP project will include an education component explaining to residents how the system works and the many benefits. Less plastic rubbish means less greenhouse gases from production and landfill, helping in the battle against global warming, and less harm to precious wildlife and the natural environment.

Watch the video to see what happens to your soft plastic rubbish. Did you know, soft plastic bags can also be deposited at Coles supermarkets and they will also be collected and sent to REPLAS?

The RAP Project was officially launched during National Recycling Week at the Bayside Farmers’ Market on Saturday 15th November 2014 by Bayside Councillor Heather StewartNeil Blake (aka Captain Trash) from the Port Phillip EcoCentre and staunch campaigner for reducing plastic rubbish in the Bay also helped with the launch. The Residents Against Plastic (RAP) facebook page is at

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