August Forum Talks, Slides and Feedback

The August Forum – “Panel discussion between Tim Wilson MP and Simon Holmes a Court with Rob Jell AM moderator” attracted a large local audience.



Questions from the audience

Rob Gell

Simon Holmes à Court 

Tim Wilson


Feedback on August Forum   

I must say that I was disappointed that your three distinguished speakers did not address the real issue of the risk from climate change, merely looking at the economic pros and cons of various inadequate solutions. I was ready to comment but the Q & A session was too restricted and there was such a long queue of people wanting to speak that I gave up. But as a retired CSIRO climate change scientist and activist I felt I had important things to say.

1.Stranded assets in the fossil fuels industry as they face a  technological revolution towards new and cheaper renewables. It is only a matter of time. It reminds me of my grandfather who was a coachbuilder in Newstead when motor cars were invented. He was put out of business, and ended up as a travelling salesman.

2. Coastal impacts, both of rising seas and changing winds and currents affecting coastal erosion and sand drifts. These are happening now in Victoria and promise to have enormous costs in coastal communities. I have observed this personally especially in East Gippsland where I share a holiday place.  Mature tea-trees being washed onto beaches by coastal erosion. Erosion from the East of coastal bluffs, and sand drifts etc.. We will see effects like this further West including Port Phillip Heads, Barwon Heads, etc..

3. Other huge potential costs, including Great Barrier Reef tourist industry, droughts, floods, wildfires, sea-level rise causing coastal and port flooding.

4. We need to set an example globally, show leadership, and  exploit our natural advantage by exporting renewable energy via such means as high voltage DC cables or by producing  hydrogen, ammonia, aluminium or other energy intensive industries around renewable energy.

If your question was not answered on the night, you could contact Tim at his office – details below. Also see our new Blog for dialogue between Tim Wilson and BCCAG.

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