June 2019 Forum Future proofing Australia

Future proofing Australia 
How renewables can power our economy and wellbeing
A visual presentation by Vanessa Petrie, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions and Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor
Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 7.30 pm
Highett Community Centre, 2 Livingston St. Highett
Australia has unparalleled renewable resources. In 2015, Beyond Zero Emissions showed, for the first time, how Australia can harness its world-class renewables to become a Renewable Energy Superpower.
In this presentation, Vanessa and Tim show what this vision can look like for Australian industry, and for the Northern Territory.
Vanessa is the CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions. Since joining BZE in early 2017 Vanessa has partnered with her team to deliver Rethinking Cement, the world’s first strategy for decarbonising the cement industry, the Zero Carbon Communities Guide, won Best International Energy Think Tank in the 2018 Prospect Think Tank Awards, and secured BZE’s ranking as 50th Best Independent Think Tank in the world.
Prior to joining BZE, Vanessa worked in diverse roles across local and State Government including infrastructure planning and project management, legislative policy development, major policy reform and waste and resource recovery strategic planning.
Tim Forcey is a chemical engineer with 35 years of industrial energy experience with entities such as Esso, BHP, Jemena, and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Over the last 10 years and building on Tim’s research at the University of Melbourne, Tim has become one of Australia’s leading home-energy-improvement practitioners and commentators.
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