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The Position Statement ‘No Time to Lose’ submitted to Tim together with reps from 7 other community groups, July 2019.

Historically, we have been engaging with Tim Wilson MP on a regular basis since he was elected in July 2016. Tim was elected as the member for Goldstein, a federal electoral division that encompasses all of the City of Bayside and part of the City of Glen Eira.

Tim has been receptive to our engagement with him. When we write to him, we usually receive a prompt reply. He used 4 minutes of speaking time in Parliament’s Federation Chamber to talk about our engagement with him and our constructive approach.

You can view a section of his speech.

Details of other correspondence can be viewed below.

Two major issues have dominated our discussions with Tim.
  • the disparity between Government energy policy and its climate commitments
  • tax-payer funds being earmarked to support the Adani mega-coal mine


♦ Our 2017 letter to Tim on climate policy here.

♦Other records and correspondence with Tim on energy policy here.                                                                                                         

♦Records and correspondence on Adani  here.                                                                                                                                     

♦Our Position Paper on Climate Risk here.

♦Climate Risk Forum here.


In May, 2018 Tim Wilson MP was unfortunate enough to be in the street when we were having a fund raising cake stall. We did not miss the opportunity to grab him for a quick chat. He was not amused. Any time you can have a chat with a politician, their staff or just people in the street about what matters, go for it!