WHAT – A personal report on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference
SPEAKER – Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, ACF Climate Campaign Manager
WHEN – 7.30 pm Wednesday 30 March 2016
WHERE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham
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Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg is the Climate Campaign Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation. Victoria has led community driven campaigns for government action on climate change and sustainable transport, including campaigns to stop a new coal export industry in Victoria, put a price on pollution nationally, and against fossil fuel subsidies.

In 2012, Victoria was listed as one of the The Age Melbourne Magazine’s top 100 most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative Victorians for her work leading a legal and community campaign against a proposed new coal-fired station – a campaign that was ultimately won.

Victoria is currently President of the Climate Action Network Australia (CANA).


WHAT – Film Night – Naomi Kline’s “This Changes Everything
WHEN – 7.30pm Wednesday 24 February 2016
WHERE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham Steet, Sandringham

Around 50 people attended a Public Forum on Wednesday 24 February to view the film ‘This Changes Everything’, inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller and directed by Avi Lewis.  The film suggests that our ideology of capitalism and viewing the earth as a machine to be mastered is the real cause of climate change.  The film looks at communities taking action on the front lines from the Alberta Tar Sands, the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond to protect their well-being.  It suggests that fossil fuels need to be left in the ground in favour of taking up renewables to prevent further global warming.  We need to build an alternative ideology of respecting mother nature and nurturing the natural resources that we depend on for our own well-being.

The Paris Climate Conference

Tim Flannery has sent this report on the outcome of the Paris Climate Conference.

The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute has sent these comprehensive reports.

Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption

Dear friends,

This is an important document – I think you will find it helpful.

Philip Wollen.



Over 40 BCCAG members of all ages joined an enthusiastic but respectful crowd of around 60,000 people in Melbourne on Friday 27 November, to show their support for strong action on climate change at the upcoming Paris conference.


SPEAKER – Dr Karl Braganza from Australian Bureau of Meteorology
SUBJECT – Climate Change and El Nino – How hot and dry will it get?
TIME & DATE – 7.30pm Wednesday 25 November 2015
VENUE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham Steet, Sandringham

Dr Karl BraganzaKarl Braganza, Manager Climate Monitoring at Australian Bureau of Meteorology spoke on the State of the Climate 2015 at our last meeting of the year. Around 60 people attended this event, held on 25 November, just prior to the Climate Conference in Paris.

Karl noted that while Australia has large natural variability of climate, monitoring shows our climate is clearly changing significantly with increased atmospheric CO2.. Levels reached 395ppm in 2013, which is unprecedented over the previous 800,000 years where the maximum CO2 level was about 250ppm. Between 1880 and 2012 the global mean surface temperature rose by 0.85C. Ocean temperature, global mean sea level and water vapour increased, and polar ice has retreated. Other key changes include:

  • The Gulf Steam is slowing down, changing the climate in Greenland and Europe
  • 2013 and 2014 were the warmest years on record in Australia
  • There has been a 5 fold increase in the frequency of extreme heat
  • Fire weather (combination of extreme heat and high windgusts) has increased with associated emergencies. Examples include
    • 2009 Black Saturday – 374 died from the heatwave and 173 died from fires
    • 2013 Jan heatwave – when 70% of Australia was in excess of 42C
  • The current Queensland drought and 2 years of high temperatures has severely dried the land.

Karl warned of the need to practice extreme caution as we don’t understand the potential impact of climate change – especially at the local level.



childDr Karen Kiang and Dr Tanji Lamba, from Doctors for the Environment, recently gave a presentation at our October public forum. They have asked if we could distribute this petition to sign. It is for parents, grandparents and concerned adults worried about the effects of climate change on children’s health, and to ask the government to take strong action on climate change at the upcoming UN Climate Change conference in Paris. They also request that the Federal Health Minister, Sussan Ley attend.


On the 12th November BCCAG received a very pleasant surprise. A letter had arrived from a group of Year 6 boys from Sandringham House, a Junior campus of Firbank School, informing us that they had made a film about climate change for their school project and were donating the $430.60 that they had raised to BCCAG. The boys had been”shocked” by the information they had discovered during their research into the consequences climate change was having on the planet.

We were very excited and thrilled to be able to visit them at their school a few days later. We met the whole class and heard from Jack, Reilly, Brodie and Xavier about their project (The PVP Exhibition). We were then shown their film, told how they raised the money through a film night and tipping competition and finally heard Jack’s poem about climate change. We explained to them about BCCAG’s aims and how we intended to use the money.

It was an absolute delight to meet such knowledgeable and delightful young people and their dedicated teachers, Christine Kaucic and Jennifer Abbott.


On Sunday 25th October 2015 BCCAG participated in the fun Sandy Village Fair by holding a stall. The theme of our stall was The Road to Paris, which refers to the UN Climate Change Conference being held in Paris later this year, and the importance of the Australian Government to making a strong commitment to climate change there. We also let people know about the Climate March which will be occurring all round the world before it, which will be happening in Melbourne on the 27th November. Many children did drawings about the environment for us, which we will be sending to Paris to show the world that the children of Australia care about this planet.


Philip Wollen

Philip Wollen

Philip Wollen was BCCAG’s speaker at our Public Forum on Wednesday 26 August. The title of his talk was PEACE ETHICS AND OCCAM’S RAZOR. Over 100 people attended the talk.

Philip, who once occupied a world of “lobsters and Learjets” came to the realisation that this was not an ethical way to live. He went on to explain that after witnessing untold cruelty during his travels he decided the world needed to be a much kinder place.

“When we suffer, we suffer as equals,” he said. The sound of his dying father was no different to the frightened sounds of animals in a slaughterhouse.

He left the corporate world and began a life of philanthropy, encouraging a life of non-violence, supporting social justice programs and saving animals and the environment. His passion and dedication came through with every word he spoke.


The 2015-2016 BCCAG Board (elected at the AGM on 29 July 2015) is as follows:


Back Row: Geraldine, Anne, Mandy, Lynette, Ron
Front Row: Monique, Cheryl, David, Annette
Absent: Fraser Gibson

President: Lynette Luther

Vice President: Ron Beer

Treasurer: Geraldine Bagwell

Secretary: Anne Tourney

Ordinary Board Members: Cheryl May, Fraser Gibson, Monique Monnier, Annette Williams, Mandy Coats, David Rothfield


Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey recently had the article “It’s cold in my house and the price of gas is going up – what can I do?” in “The Conversation”. The article was very popular with 19,000 “reads” in less than 1 week.

Tim is asking BCCAG members who are feeling the cold in their home are to contact him on his mobile 0419 019 864 or email Tim is happy to offer free advice on home heating and cooling. By doing this Tim can collect data for his research at Melbourne University.

RAP Project

Plastic bags are killing our environment. Bayside Climate Change Action Group has used its Bayside Council grant to join REPLAS in a project that recycles soft plastic waste and turns it into outdoor furniture etc). READ MORE