Enough is Enough

BCCAG member Jason Dow asks the question "Is prosperity, progress, and sustainability compatible with growth?".

The short answer to Jason's question is "No", however his conclusion has come only after extensive reading and examination of the issues involved.

“The costs – the feed back of the current system – the signs that something is fundamentally wrong are accumulating – the idea that we can grow the physical throughputs of the economic system indefinitely is silly. This, in my opinion, is the root of the issues around climate change and peak oil. We have to re-imagine a new future where materialism and the social logic that is driving hyper consumerism is dismantled and replaced by a system where the community has shifted its definition of success away from a material based culture.

“The language used in the Tim Jackson's Prosperity without Growth is critical – in order for any serious attempt at transition the needs of the community for prosperity and the definition of what prosperity is needs to be debated openly – this should be our launching point – the current system is unsustainable and is manifesting clear and ominous signs of feedback in the form of climate change and a whole hosts of other signals from deforestation to species loss to fisheries collapse etc….”

BCCAG member Jason Dow 2010

This hugely-challenging issue has been picked up during 2010 by a number of climate-action-related organizations, in Australia and internationally. Many are thinking about it, some are sketching policy and action priorities.

Two recent papers illustrate this:

1 – Enough is Enough – A report from the "Steady State Economy Conference".

2 – Better than Growth – A report by the "Australian Conservation Foundation".

The Victorian Climate Emergency Network is reaching out to find strategic thinkers who would like to contribute ideas to frame a Campaign for a Safe Climate Economy by 2020.

They are seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to attend a Roundtable Workshop on 12 February 2011 in Melbourne. Download their invitation at http://www.green-innovations.asn.au/Roundtable-Campaign-for-Safe-Climate-Transition-by-2020.doc