Climate Emergency Declaration


About our Climate Emergency Declaration

Australians are great at coming together in times of crisis. We’ve seen it during bushfires, floods and other disasters. Right now, a large-scale disaster is gradually and insidiously unfolding. It’s called climate change. And, like frogs in a pot of water being gradually heated, we are hesitating, not wanting to jump out? Because it’s progressing erratically, many of us are unconvinced of the need for urgent and broad-scale action.

But the scientific evidence is clear. Climate Change is approaching dangerous tipping points, where feedback mechanisms start to amplify the processes of change. After 30 years of talking, delay is no longer an option. If our politicians are afraid to move, then we, as citizens of this nation, must demand action. Action needs to be decisive and on a comprehensive, national scale. This is our responsibility, to our families, to future generations and to the global community that we share the planet with.

We are therefore calling on our federal and state politicians to act in the national interest, declare a climate emergency and mobilise a co-ordinated effort to restore a safe climate.

And we ask our fellow citizens, to join in this call by signing the petition at: Declare a Climate Emergency.