Membership of BCCAG is free. To join BCCAG please use this Membership Form.

BCCAG is committed to influencing any relevant organisation or individual that can have a positive effect on reducing the impact of climate change.   Our focus is to raise awareness, influence decision makers and encourage sustainable practices to achieve our vision:

‘A Safe Climate for All’

BCCAG representatives meet regularly with Local, State and Federal Government to highlight community concern about climate change. We call for strong leadership and decisive action to meet Australia’s new commitments under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Why join a Climate Change Action Group?

Climate change is the major challenge facing our communities and natural environment. We’re already experiencing its effects and we have a moral obligation to ensure that future generations of humans and other species can survive in a habitable world.

By joining BCCAG, you add to a collective voice to let our leaders know that urgent action is needed to assist both industry and consumers in their efforts to live and operate more sustainably.

BCCAG also works to foster community responsibility and encourage households, schools and business to reduce their carbon footprint. We hold monthly Public Forums and engage widely to educate and empower people to effect change in their own lives and those around them. The group enjoys an excellent reputation for organisation and professionalism.

To join BCCAG please use this Membership Form.