BCCAG Annual Report – July 2017


At the time of BCCAG’s last AGM, our hopes were still high that the new Turnbull
government would begin to take real action to deal with the challenges of climate
change looming large. But it soon became clear that any hopes the Government would
act were misplaced. The need for BCCAG and groups like BCCAG to act and grab the
attention of the public was paramount.

So we decided to start 2017 with a big event that would attract a large crowd,
particularly from amongst sections of the community we don’t normally attract. We
wanted to use that event to talk of a climate emergency.

The well-publicised ‘Facing the Climate Crisis’ event in February took place at
Brighton Grammar School and attracted a record attendance of some 350 participants.
They came to hear Tim Flannery on a panel with 2 other guest speakers, Alison Rowe
from the Future Business Council and Laura Sykes from the Australian Youth Climate
Coalition. It should be noted that roughly 60% of attendees were new to BCCAG. They
were not listed on our mailing list.

Flannery set the tone, not only for that event but for much of our activity to come
when he said that, in the absence of leadership from Government, leadership must
come from the community.

At the last AGM, we saw the election of an excellent group of keen members to the
BCCAG board but also the retirement of 2 long serving, dedicated and experienced
outgoing board members. Then, during the first few months that the new board had
been working together, 2 of its key members had to resign, each for pressing personal
reasons, our Secretary Anne Tourney and President, Lynette Luther.

That cumulative loss of experience and expertise made for a difficult few months of
reorganisation and redistribution of responsibilities.

In addition to running our monthly public forums on topical issues we decided to
pursue a range of additional activities. These included maintaining contact with and
lobbying of our local federal and state MPs, interaction with Bayside City Council on
sustainability and their ‘carbon neutrality by 2020 plan’ and running campaigns in coordination with other climate action and environment groups.

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August 2017 Public Forum – From Climate Doubt to Economic Doubt



Richard Denniss,
Chief Economist, The Australia Institute*

From Climate Doubt to Economic Doubt




How those who profit from doubt distort the facts & what you can do about it.

World leaders first agreed on climate action back in 1992. They agreed that rich countries should act first to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But 25 years later Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, we are still building new coal mines and debating the need to subsidise the construction of new coal fired power stations. This is no accident.

In his talk Dr Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at The Australia Institute (tai.org.au), an independent Canberra based policy think tank, will explain why and how those who profit from the sale of fossil fuels have done so much to distort public debate and public policy in Australia. He will conclude with what can be done to improve not just climate policy but the functioning of public debate in Australia.

Richard is known for his ability to translate economic issues into everyday language.  His latest book, Econobabble, was launched by Laura Tingle.

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St  Sandringham
Wed August 30 –  7.30pm
Donations welcome

July 2017 Annual General Meeting

The Bayside Climate Change Action Group AGM will be held on
July 26, 2017 at 7.30pm at

Uniting Church Hall,
21 Trentham St, Sandringham

If any BCCAG member is interested in joining the Board please contact David Rothfield, Secretary, BCCAG for more information: bccagsecretary@gmail.com

A very short film:
“Creating a Climate for Change”

Following a quick AGM we will see a short doco,  Climate Change Explained & The Way forward.
A discussion will follow led by a guest Climate For Change facilitator about how we can reach out to a wider audience and bring them on board.

Entry by donation – and there will be wine and nibbles available at the end of the evening for a small cost.

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St  Sandringham
Wed July 26 –  7.30pm

June 2017 Public Forum The Role of Finance in the Climate Crisis & A Practical Guide to Divestment

The Role of Finance in the Climate Crisis

Will Van de Pol
Market Forces

Bachelor of Environments degree from Melbourne Uni
and currently completing a law degree at RMIT


Will explains what Market Forces is all about and how they work. He will then explain their four major campaigns – banks, superannuation, insurance, and shareholder activism – before going into a bit more detail about each of them. Finally, and most importantly, he will let us know what we can do to help cut off funding for climate-wrecking fossil fuels, and ensure their money is used as a force for good.


A Practical Guide to Divestment

Adam Carey MFP, MBA, F.Fin, B.Sc.
Financial Advisor
Authorised Representative of Ethical Investment Services Pty Ltd

Bayside resident and BCCAG member, Adam Carey is a Financial Adviser with Ethical Investment Services. He has a Master’s degree in Financial Planning from Deakin University, specialising in social responsible investment. His thesis evaluated how Australian socially responsible managed funds screen their investments. He now enjoys helping his clients select investments that reflect their personal and ethical values, such as divesting from fossil fuel investments.
Adam believes that the way we choose to invest will ultimately shape the world we live in, particularly in regards to addressing the environmental and social impact of the companies we invest in.

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St Sandringham
Wed June 28 – 7.30pm
Donations welcome

Guarding the Galilee

Many of our Members have expressed an interest in the documentary – Guarding the Galilee: a new 30 minute documentary film that takes you inside the fight to stop Adani coal.  We are therefore happy to advise that in collaboration with Highett Neighbourhood Community Centre and Side Door Social Justice Hub, BCCAG are presenting this film on Tuesday June 13, at 7.30pm.  Discussion after the film will be facilitated by BCCAG.

Presented by award-winning actor Michael Caton, the film features farmers, dive instructors and boat operators all concerned about the impacts that Adani’s Carmichael coal mine would have on water resources, climate and the reef. To read more about the doco, visit the following website:  http://guardingthegalilee.weebly.com/

This is a free event but please go to this link to book so that we can arrange seating.

Where:        Highett Neighbourhood Community House
2 Livingston St, Highett

When           Tuesday June 13, 2017 at 7.30pm – 8.45pm

This is a free event, however donations are welcome.
Refreshments provided.

See map here

April 2017 Urgent Action Elsternwick Park

The future of Elsternwick Park North is about to be determined by Bayside Council.

BCCAG is making this urgent request of you to indicate support for the option most in keeping with sustainable, environmental values.
The licence of the existing golf club expires next year and a long community consultative process has been occurring over the past year about the future of the park.
It comes down to one of two preferred alternatives:

Either an expanded and restored wetland, with urban forest surround and upgraded existing amenities, OR
More sports fields.

The motion before Council when it meets next Wednesday is to approve the former, described as Alternative 1A on the Council website at: Council website

However the sports lobby have now collected some 450 signatures on a petition which calls for more sports grounds. They argue that increasing demand on sports facilities cannot be met by existing facilities. This petition may cause Council to waver.

A counter petition has been started by an environmental coalition and we need at least 500 signatures before the Council meeting on Wednesday. Please click on the link to read the petition and consider signing:  Elsternwick Park

Points to be considered:

  • Option 1A was supported by the representative Deliberative Panel and has also been recommended by Council officers.Why pay for such processes if they are ignored. Councilors will have a severe credibility issue if they overthrow Option 1A.
  • Bayside has an ageing population, so non-sport recreation (like walking and cycling) in particular is increasingly important to community health; more so than additional sports ovals
  • Option 1A is best for cyclists.The shared path through the middle, although not there on the Panel’s rough draft, is included to be consistent with Council’s transport strategy and to encourage further bike use
  • The mere fact of being in or near nature (a wetland, an “urban forest” as proposed, creatures, etc. rather than a sporting oval with club buildings, car parks, etc.) has significant, proven, positive health benefits
  • Backing the environment and passive recreation is not anti-sport.It is just a question of balance.We already have many, many sports facilities in Bayside, but there is only one Elsternwick Park and the Elster Creek wetlands are unique and irreplaceable.Also, even under Option 1A, about 40% of the north Park will still be used for sport, and Oval 2 will be upgraded with better facilities anyhow!It is the ONLY win-win solution.
  • Expanding the wetlands is important for:
    • flood mitigation
    • cleansing water before release into the Bay
    • water retention (for drought times)
    • encouraging biodiversity.
  • The wetlands offer significant, unique, educational benefits for the next generation to learn about their environment: the multitude of trees, plants, insects, frogs and other creatures
  • Biodiversity and water resources are increasingly under stress/threat through climate change – we need to preserve what we have while we can
  • There are potential financial benefits from Option 1A that have not been recognised e.g. innovative use of the golf building and the capacity to harness volunteers interested in the environment to help with maintenance, etc.
  • An expanded oval (Option 2A) will have detrimental effect on wildlife in the Park through extra noise and light pollution
  • An expanded oval per Option 2A would bring unwanted additional traffic, noise, floodlighting and parking to Bayside residents living near the Park.They bought at this location specifically to live beside a peaceful, quiet Park
  • The 100 year (or so) history of sport in the Park is often used to support its expansion.But the Park has ALWAYS been a wetland.That aspect of history needs to be recognized as well



May 2017 Public Forum Victoria’s Residential Performance Scorecard

Danielle King
Director, Sustainability Consultant, Educator
Green Moves Australia.

Victoria’s Residential Performance Scorecard:
Find out your homes energy performance rating
and what you can do to improve it..

Victoria’s new residential performance scorecard is a tool developed by the state government to assist householders to improve the energy performance of their household and save money. It could also be used to compare the cost efficiency of one property against another when buying or renting. Find out about this new scorecard, how to use it and how it can help householders in Victoria.

Danielle King is a well-respected and highly qualified Sustainability Assessor and Energy Efficiency consultant. She is the Founder and Director of Green Moves Australia, a company that provides a range of independent sustainability advisory services and education tailored for the residential and commercial markets.
Danielle works with State and Local governments, private commercial and residential clients on a wide variety of topics from sustainable building design and education to energy and resource efficiency strategies. She also sits on various industry advisory boards, is one of Al Gore’s Climate Leaders and is a past BCCAG Board member

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St Sandringham
Wed May 31 – 7.30pm
Donations welcome