Why not print this A4 FLYER (PDF Format) and pin it on a noticeboard at work, clubhouse, library or community centre? Give a copy to friends and neighbours.


Why not print this A4 FLYER (PDF Format) and pin it on a noticeboard at work, clubhouse, library or community centre? Give a copy to friends and neighbours.

September Monthly Meeting Speaker – Shannon Hurley
Event: September Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Shannon Hurley
When: 7:30pm Wednesday 30 September 2015
Where: Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham. MAP
Flyer: A4 Flyer PDF
Shannon Hurley

Shannon Hurley

Shannon Hurley, from the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), will talk on the Great Barrier Reef at the next BCCAG Monthly Meeting.

AMCS is dedicated to tackling big ocean issues such as the protection of our Great Barrier Reef, fighting for stronger protection of our oceans with more marine parks, advocating for sustainable seafood and sharks, reducing plastic pollution, understanding climate change and much much more.

The passion of the AMCS Victorian team is to advocate for healthy oceans, the urgent need to protect them and promote the simple things we can all do in our daily lives to help care for this beautiful planet and our oceans in which we rely so heavily upon. The team run regular events to create awareness for the fight for our very own natural wonder of the world, The Great Barrier Reef.

Shannon is one of the volunteer coordinators for Victoria. She has been with AMCS for a year, and along with other dedicated volunteers Jimmy and Tayla aims to motivate others to help spread the word on the fight for OUR reef, sustainable seafood, reducing plastic pollution, marine parks and climate change.


Shannon’s talk will cover:

  • The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and why the reef is such an important ecosystem for our world and us.
  • The threats which face the GBR currently, focusing on coal and port developments and wins we have had since fighting for our reef.
  • Climate change impacts on the Reef and our oceans.
  • What we need to do from here to save our reef.

Shannon will also introduce you to some other work they do to advocate for healthy oceans, such as sustainable seafood. Copies of sustainable seafood guides and additional promotional material will also be available to buy on the night.


Philip Wollen

Philip Wollen

Philip Wollen was BCCAG’s speaker at our Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 26 August. The title of his talk was PEACE ETHICS AND OCCAM’S RAZOR. Over 100 people attended the talk.

Philip, who once occupied a world of “lobsters and Learjets” came to the realisation that this was not an ethical way to live. He went on to explain that after witnessing untold cruelty during his travels he decided the world needed to be a much kinder place.

“When we suffer, we suffer as equals,” he said. The sound of his dying father was no different to the frightened sounds of animals in a slaughterhouse.

He left the corporate world and began a life of philanthropy, encouraging a life of non-violence, supporting social justice programs and saving animals and the environment. His passion and dedication came through with every word he spoke.


The 2015-2016 BCCAG Board (elected at the AGM on 29 July 2015) is as follows:


Back Row: Geraldine, Anne, Mandy, Lynette, Ron
Front Row: Monique, Cheryl, David, Annette
Absent: Fraser Gibson

President:  Lynette Luther

Vice President:  Ron Beer

Treasurer:  Geraldine Bagwell

Secretary:  Anne Tourney

Ordinary Board Members: Cheryl May, Fraser Gibson, Monique Monnier, Annette Williams, Mandy Coats, David Rothfield


Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey recently had the article “It’s cold in my house and the price of gas is going up – what can I do?” in “The Conversation”. The article was very popular with 19,000 “reads” in less than 1 week.

Tim is asking BCCAG members who are feeling the cold in their home are to contact him on his mobile 0419 019 864 or email forcey5@optusnet.com.au. Tim is happy to offer free advice on home heating and cooling. By doing this Tim can collect data for his research at Melbourne University.

RAP Project

Plastic bags are killing our environment. Bayside Climate Change Action Group has used its Bayside Council grant to join REPLAS in a project that recycles soft plastic waste and turns it into outdoor furniture etc). READ MORE