August Public Forum

David Spratt

David Spratt

David Spratt – For our August Pubic Forum, we are delighted to have the co-author of “Climate Code Red” as our guest speaker. His topic will be “Climate Reality, Challenges and Solutions”. David’s recent publication, “Climate Reality Check” will be available at the forum in exchange for a small donation to BCCAG.

David Spratt is a climate change policy analyst, writer and activist.  He is the co-author of “Climate Code Red; The case for emergency action”, and blogs at  His most recent work is “Climate Reality Check” and is available at

This A4 Flyer is available for your work or club noticeboard.

7.30pm Wednesday 31 August
Sandringham Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham Street, Sandringham


The Bayside Climate Change Action Group AGM was held on July 27, 2016. Lynette Luther presented a report on BCCAG activities during 2015-16 and the new Board was elected (see Board page). One space remains vacant. If any member is interested to join the Board – please contact the BCCAG Secretary for more information via email on

BCCAG Board would like to apologise to members that the performance of Music for a Warming World by the Simon Kerr Perspective was unfortunately cancelled at short notice due to illness. BCCAG is working to reschedule this event.

June 2016 Public Forum Endangered Primates and Palm Oil

Lisa Roet

Lisa Roet

For the past 25 Years sculptor and artist Lisa Roet has been working with the image of the ape and monkey.  Lisa spoke about the devastating effects that rainforest clearance for palm oil and climate change are having on primates in Asia.

Palm oil is produced cheaply from the nuts, but is high in trans fats and the trees permanently degrade the soil, turning it barren.

We should avoid buying any foodstuffs, soaps and make-up that contain ‘vegetable oil’.  A handy app is provided by Palm Oil Investigations that can be used to scan bar codes prior to purchasing goods to ensure they are palm oil free.

Clearance is forcing apes out of the rainforests and new species are being found.  Lisa has studied the rare Silvery Langur, the Spider Monkey and the Sneezy Snub Nose Monkey.

Read about Lisa in this Age article. See images of Lisa’s art in this Google Search.

May 2016 Public Forum


The May 2016 Public Forum was a success with over 50 people attending, including the Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates for the forthcoming Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

Tim Forcey discussed the efficiency of Heat Pumps. We call them Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in Australia. Every where else in the world they are called heat pumps. This name results in many people thinking of them as air conditioners only. They have never thought to press the HEAT heat button.  Heating with an efficient heat pump can be much cheaper than heating with gas, but it will depend on your building.

A copy of Tim’s presentation can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey is the Energy Advisor at the University of Melbourne Energy Institute and a member of BCCAG. His research found that Victorians can collectively save hundreds of millions of dollars per year on home heating bills by using Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners.

Read more in this article from The Age where you will find a video trailer of Tim’s presentation.

Tim Forcey can be contacted on 0419 019 864

April 2016 Public Forum

Our April Public Forum featured two speakers, Berish Bilander, Campaign Manager for PTUA and David Rothfield, from BZE.

Berish Bilander

Berish Bilander

Bearish Bilander, Campaign Manager for PUBLIC TRANSPORT NOT TRAFFIC spoke about the need to improve the public bus network in Melbourne to meet the demands of a growing population, particularly in regional and suburban areas currently not served by train or tram services.  People need an efficient alternative to the private car which is polluting and causing congestion.   To attract users – the bus service needs to be frequent, connect well to train services, have travel priority over cars and run on direct routes.  

Berish presented the concept of a new cross town electric bus system to connect key jobs and activity hubs, powered by renewable energy.  Electric buses have already been deployed overseas, proving the technology is ready to go, and could easily be built right here in Victoria. 

To become a member of PTUA visit:

David Rothfield

David Rothfield

David Rothfield, a member of BCCAG Board and Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) explained how high speed rail (powered by renewable energy) could transform our nation, connecting highly populated zones of eastern Australia, economically and efficiently.

David participated in the preparation of BZE’s report on High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail is back in the news. According to our local former parliamentary member, Andrew Robb, “we should build it now, whilst the world is awash with cheap money”. The proposal is backed by both the ALP and The Greens.

The Very Fast Train

The Very Fast Train

March 2016 Public Forum

WHAT – A personal report on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference
SPEAKER – Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, ACF Climate Campaign Manager
WHEN – 7.30 pm Wednesday 30 March 2016
WHERE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham
FLYERA4 Flyer for any public noticeboard

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg is the Climate Campaign Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation.  Victoria has led community driven campaigns for government action on climate change and sustainable transport, including campaigns to stop a new coal export industry in Victoria, put a price on pollution nationally, and against fossil fuel subsidies.  In 2012, Victoria was listed as one of the The Age Melbourne Magazine’s top 100 most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative Victorians for her work leading a legal and community campaign against a proposed new coal-fired station – a campaign that was ultimately won. Victoria is also currently President of the Climate Action Network Australia (CANA).

Victoria spoke at the BCCAG Public Forum on 30 March 2016 with great enthusiasm, expertise and a clear commitment to resolving the issue of climate change, a key focus area for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

The agreement reached at the Paris Conference of Parties in November 2015 was a phenomenal achievement over enormous vested interests.  ACF and other NGOs played an important role in reaching the deal to limit global warming to ‘well below 2C, aiming for 1.5C’.

ACF is currently appealing the approval of the Carmichael coal mine and will be encouraging people to vote for election candidates who stand up for environmental protection and decisive action on climate change.

February 2016 Public Forum

WHAT – Film Night – Naomi Kline’s “This Changes Everything
WHEN – 7.30pm Wednesday 24 February 2016
WHERE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham Steet, Sandringham

Around 50 people attended a Public Forum on Wednesday 24 February to view the film ‘This Changes Everything’, inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller and directed by Avi Lewis.  The film suggests that our ideology of capitalism and viewing the earth as a machine to be mastered is the real cause of climate change.  The film looks at communities taking action on the front lines from the Alberta Tar Sands, the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond to protect their well-being.  It suggests that fossil fuels need to be left in the ground in favour of taking up renewables to prevent further global warming.  We need to build an alternative ideology of respecting mother nature and nurturing the natural resources that we depend on for our own well-being.