Category: Past Events

November 2013 Forum Fiona Armstrong – The Human Cost of Power

Fiona Armstrong November 2013 Monthly Meeting Guest Speaker – Fiona Armstrong “The Human Cost of Power” 7.30 pm Tuesday 26 November This new short film (16 minutes) explores the health impacts associated with the massive expansion of coal and unconventional gas in Australia. Afterwards Fiona will speak about the CAHA campaign to raise awareness of the health

April 2013 Forum Mark Bytheway – Sustainable & Ethical Investing

GUEST SPEAKER – MARK BYTHEWAY On: Sustainable & Ethical Investing When: TUESDAY 30TH APRIL 2013 At: Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham Mark Bytheway is a Bayside resident and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Sustainable Investment Research Institute (SIRIS), a specialist Asian regional investment research group, providing sustainability and governance