Category: Past Actions

March 2015 RAP Project

RAP it up: Baysiders act on recycling soft plastics by Teresa Murphy Cr Heather Stewart and Captain Trash launch the program. Baysiders can now recycle soft plastics, thanks to a program called RAP (Residents Against Plastics). Conceived by the Bayside Climate Change Action Group, the trial program was launched at the Bayside farmers’ market in

September 2014 Rally for Renewables

On Friday 26 September 2014 thousands of people around Australia descended on the doorsteps of MPs and senators to protest the Federal Government’s attempt to hurt jobs and families by attacking the Renewable Energy Target. Renewable energy workers, businesses, solar owners and supporters turned out en masse with slogans and stories to tell of local communities standing

September 2014 Peoples’ March

On Sunday 21st September 2014 thousands of concerned people from many corners of the world took to the streets to let their voices be heard loud and clear. The message was aimed squarely at our politicians: “The time to take action on climate change is now!” Many BCCAGers were there and here are some photos.