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Opinion piece by Tim Wilson on Zali Sreggall’s Climate Change Bill – BCCAG Rebuts Tim Wilson and Calls for Zero Emissions Target

In an opinion piece published 20 February, Tim Wilson MP (here) rails against the proposed Climate Change Act being brought to parliament by cross bencher Zali Steggall. The central aim of the Act is to create a legislative framework for reaching zero emissions by 2050. Whilst brushing aside that target, Tim claims that current policies will map

MP Tim Wilson Answers BCCAG on Bushfire Tragedy

In a letter that BCCAG has sent to Tim Wilson MP, we expressed our deep concern about the bushfire catastrophe and our dismay at the delayed and confused response to the crisis by the Federal Government and its ministers. The letter,  sent on the 13th January, reminds Tim that repeated warnings, not only by fire

Letter Response from 18.09.08 August Forum Reflections to Tim Wilson 10th October 2018

Dear Tim, Thank you for your reply message dated 18.09.18, which regrettably missed our September newsletter deadline. We will however publish it in our October newsletter. We gladly note your approach to the discussion, including: that you are held to account by your constituents, that you are attuned to the issue of climate risk, that