March 2016 Forum Victoria McKenzie-McHarg (ACF) A personal report on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

WHAT – A personal report on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference
SPEAKER – Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, ACF Climate Campaign Manager
WHEN – 7.30 pm Wednesday 30 March 2016
WHERE – Sandringham Uniting Church Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Victoria McKenzie-McHarg

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg is the Climate Campaign Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation.  Victoria has led community driven campaigns for government action on climate change and sustainable transport, including campaigns to stop a new coal export industry in Victoria, put a price on pollution nationally, and against fossil fuel subsidies.  In 2012, Victoria was listed as one of the The Age Melbourne Magazine’s top 100 most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative Victorians for her work leading a legal and community campaign against a proposed new coal-fired station – a campaign that was ultimately won. Victoria is also currently President of the Climate Action Network Australia (CANA).

Victoria spoke at the BCCAG Public Forum on 30 March 2016 with great enthusiasm, expertise and a clear commitment to resolving the issue of climate change, a key focus area for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

The agreement reached at the Paris Conference of Parties in November 2015 was a phenomenal achievement over enormous vested interests.  ACF and other NGOs played an important role in reaching the deal to limit global warming to ‘well below 2C, aiming for 1.5C’.

ACF is currently appealing the approval of the Carmichael coal mine and will be encouraging people to vote for election candidates who stand up for environmental protection and decisive action on climate change.