June 2016 Forum Endangered Primates and Palm Oil

Lisa Roet
Lisa Roet

For the past 25 Years sculptor and artist Lisa Roet has been working with the image of the ape and monkey.  Lisa spoke about the devastating effects that rainforest clearance for palm oil and climate change are having on primates in Asia.

Palm oil is produced cheaply from the nuts, but is high in trans fats and the trees permanently degrade the soil, turning it barren.

We should avoid buying any foodstuffs, soaps and make-up that contain ‘vegetable oil’.  A handy app is provided by Palm Oil Investigations that can be used to scan bar codes prior to purchasing goods to ensure they are palm oil free.

Clearance is forcing apes out of the rainforests and new species are being found.  Lisa has studied the rare Silvery Langur, the Spider Monkey and the Sneezy Snub Nose Monkey.

Read about Lisa in this Age article. See images of Lisa’s art in this Google Search.

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