October 2017 Forum Tim O’Hara – Marine Invertebrates Museums Victoria



Tim O’Hara 
Senior Curator
Marine Invertebrates
Museums Victoria



In this role, Tim investigates the distribution of biodiversity across the ocean seafloor, by combining data from museum collections from across the planet. This data allows his team to study the evolution of the deep-sea fauna, assist governments to plan for marine parks, and assist the United Nations to manage oceanic resources. His latest expedition was to the ‘abyss” off Eastern Australia where a large team of international scientists explored biodiversity from up to 4800 m below the sea surface, a feat not previously achieved in Australian waters.

Tim O’Hara will give a presentation about his work and the latest expedition he led surveying Australia’s ocean Abyss. He will show some of his latest findings and put them in a wider ecological and biogeographical context. He will show how marine biodiversity is distributed across the oceans and how this may be altered by climate change.

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St Sandringham
Wed October 25 – 7.30pm
Donations requested

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