August 2017 Forum Richard Dennis – From Climate Doubt to Economic Doubt



Richard Denniss,
Chief Economist, The Australia Institute*

From Climate Doubt to Economic Doubt






How those who profit from doubt distort the facts & what you can do about it.

World leaders first agreed on climate action back in 1992. They agreed that rich countries should act first to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But 25 years later Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, we are still building new coal mines and debating the need to subsidise the construction of new coal fired power stations. This is no accident.

In his talk Dr Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at The Australia Institute (, an independent Canberra based policy think tank, will explain why and how those who profit from the sale of fossil fuels have done so much to distort public debate and public policy in Australia. He will conclude with what can be done to improve not just climate policy but the functioning of public debate in Australia.

Richard is known for his ability to translate economic issues into everyday language.  His latest book, Econobabble, was launched by Laura Tingle.

Uniting Church Hall
21 Trentham St  Sandringham
Wed August 30 –  7.30pm
Donations welcome

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