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Elsternwick Park
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Elster Creek could look like this

The future of the northern section of Elsternwick Park appears to be under threat again. A year ago a coalition of environmentalists opposing Council plans for a driving range succeeded in stopping those plans and having the whole matter returned to the drawing board. As a result, the Council established a year long public consultation and review process. At the end of that process, an overwhelming majority of the review panel members supported the plan for an enhanced wetland and public open space. The matter will now return to Council for a decision.

We have heard however that a concerted effort is being mounted by sporting groups to pressure Council to ignore the review panel recommendations and instead support more sports grounds in the area.

A comprehensive case for our preferred model is set out below.

If you want to help ensure Council decides as per our preferred model, referred to as Option 1A, please express your opinion by either:

Here is letter from Ken Blackman on behalf of the Elsternwick Park Coalition. We encourage BCCAG members to actively respond to this call for help:

Dear friends of the Elster Creek environment

We thought we had won the argument about what to do with the northern portion of Elsternwick Park! However…

In April, Bayside Council will decide if a ground-breaking vision – of enhanced wetlands on the largest waterway between the Yarra and Mordialloc, plus urban forest and passive open space – really will replace the declining golf course.

Late in 2016 Bayside Council appointed a Deliberative Panel to hear proposals from the community, community groups and independent experts. 87% of the panel agreed with the proposal above – but we are now concerned at reports of last-ditch pressure on Councillors in favour of competitive sports.

The opportunity to increase Elsternwick Park’s capacity for flood retardation, pollution reduction and providing unique community recreational opportunities and education is a once in a lifetime chance for Council’s decision makers.  If you think a) the wetland model is the best proposal and b) that Bayside Council should abide by the decision made by the Deliberative panel they set up and paid for, then join us to campaign hard for it now!

Our arguments: 

  • An enhanced wetland and public open space will allow for the resurrection of some of the original plant, animal, fish and bird life of this area and attract a far wider number of residents than increased sporting facilities;
  • By restoring this ecology we provide the opportunity for urban dwellers to learn about and appreciate the value of these highly vulnerable environments;
  • Through improving water quality, this wetland would play a part in improving the health of the Bay.
  • Park design must allow floodwaters to spread out and be absorbed instead of flooding roads and houses.

* A comprehensive case for the model will be posted on the BCCAG website.

If you want to be part of this campaign you can assist by:

We envisage a planning meeting in mid-March, with a tight action focus. Your energetic involvement, or that of your group, is also warmly invited!   Please contact Ken as per details below.  If you or your group is already involved, we’d appreciate your feedback.

To inspect Council’s revision & costing of the ‘wetland’ proposal (1A) – and two others – see:

(You can also revisit there the original proposals, and presentations to the 2016 Deliberative Panel)

Thank you

Ken Blackman
(Bayside) 0420 538 837 or
Elsternwick Park Coalition.

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