March 2018 Forum Transition to a low cost clean energy system

Phasing out coal and its replacement by 100% renewable energy, wind and solar, large and small scale, and the role of the National Energy Market.   Also the role of energy storage and the decentralising of supply, phasing out of gas and the growth of electric vehicle demand.

This month we have two guest speakers:


Dr Nick Aberle Campaign Manager, Environment Victoria

 Nick will be outlining the impacts of energy supply, how it is changing and how it needs to change.








Alan Pears AM

Prominent energy commentator, researcher, educator and member of BCCAG

Alan will talk about demand response and management as well as energy efficiency.

Highett Community Centre
2 Livingston St, Highett
Wed March 28  –  7.30pm
Cost:  $5 includes tea & coffee

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