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BCCAG’s Stall at the St Leonards Fair on Saturday 17th March 2012. Spreading the word about our new thermal imaging camera and upcoming BCCAG events. Plus, showing the public the new all electric Tesla car.

Climate Change Human Sign – St Kilda Beach – Sunday 17 May 2009

Sunday 17 May 2009 was the day on which 5,000 people made their way to St Kilda Beach to participate in one of the the biggest Human Signs ever formed in Australia. The event was the culmination of six months work, where BCCAG partnered with LIVE, Port Phillip EcoCentre, Cool Melbourne and Sustainability in Stonnington to achieve a successful outcome. Full detalis of the event, with media reports, and photos, can be found here on the LIVE website.

Bayside Getup! Climate Change Torch Relay
31 August 2008

The Getup Torch Relay was a nine week tour through rural towns and cities throughout Australia that ended at Parliament House, Canberra on October 12.

Created by the designers of the Sydney Olympic Torch, the climate torch was a symbol of national determination to avert dangerous climate change.

“The torch uses wind and solar power, a “people power” hand crank, and also draws power from a lemon-battery, representing the innovation and creativity we need to support to find new energy solutions,” Head Designer Mark Armstrong said.

“Climate Emergency” Rally and Human Sign
5 July 2008

The Climate Emergency Rally and Human Sign event was held on Saturday 5 July 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. The rally was organised and attended by more than 70 community groups concerned about lack of government action on climate change. About 1,500 people attended. Climate Emergency Photos (including aerial photos) , from different sources, are available for viewing. Also see these Climate Emergency Photos by Peter Campbell. More information is on

“Halt Climate Change Now!” Human Sign
22 April 2007

On Sunday 22 April 2007 approximately 1,500 people gathered on Sandringham Beach to ‘write’ a human sign saying “HALT CLIMATE CHANGE NOW!”. The event was organised by two local mums, Coni Forcey and Lucy Allinson, who are desperately concerned about their children’s future environment. 13 local schools and around 200 members of the Tuvalu pacific island community came together for the event. The Tuvaluans, whose small island nation made up of nine tiny coral atolls, could be amongst the first to see their homeland submerged by rising sea levels, stood tall to form the letter ‘T’. Lucy and Coni hope their grass-roots campaign will highlight the importance of “people power” in the wider community.

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