March 21 Forum Climate Crisis – Who Cares?


Climate Change has been treated as a minor issue for too long. Now we have a crisis. It does matter. Come hear a discussion between these three eminent speakers.  We have the solutions. All we lack is the political will to act. This is your chance to hear and decide what we need to do.
In the context of the Federal election, this is an event you must not miss!

John Hewson AM is a professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, and a former Liberal opposition leader. Since the early 90s, and throughout various careers in academia, business, politics, and the media, John has been a climate activist, campaigning for faster and more decisive action on emissions reduction and an effective Climate Action Plan.


Oliver Yates is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and is running as an Independent for the seat of Kooyong in the 2019 Federal election. Oliver has more than 20 years of global experience in corporate advisory, financial structuring, project finance, debt structuring, equity raising and listings, with extensive experience in clean energy. He has been involved in establishing new businesses and growing operations internationally, and leading initiatives in wind, solar, biofuels, carbon credits and other renewable

businesses. He has played key roles in clean energy, terrestrial and bio-sequestration, and other solutions to the climate change challenge over many years.

Brynn O’Brien is a lawyer, strategist and advocate for more responsible business. As Executive Director of non-profit, activist shareholder organisation the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR), she uses the tools of corporations law to hold Australian listed companies and their investors to account for their social and environmental impacts. ACCR has recently put shareholder resolutions to mining, utilities and banking giants in relation to their financial support for fossil fuels lobbyists undermining national and global action on climate change.

Amy Mullins is a broadcaster, board member, historian, and speaker. Amy is the presenter of Uncommon Sense, a three-hour radio show on politics, international affairs, history, art and the natural world, for Melbourne’s Triple R FM. She is also a Member of the Ministerial Council on Women’s Equality and was formerly the Executive Director of WLIA.

Brighton Grammar School
Robert Sanderson Hall,  
25 St Andrews St, Brighton
Thursday March 21 7.15 for – 7.30 pmTickets are essential $5 each


John Hewson says he's 'staggered' politicians are pretending climate change is not a challenge

“Those who disagree with this are defending the indefensible.” John Hewson says only a fool would question the 2018 State of the Climate report, and he’s staggered that Australian politicians would pretend climate change is not a challenge.

Posted by ABC The Drum on Thursday, 20 December 2018

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