October Forum Fighting Fires – Impacts of Extreme Weather Events at the Front Line

Temperatures are increasing and lengthening our fire risks. 

Ken Brown AFSM
Acting Deputy Chief Officer | Operational Preparedness
Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board (MFB)

Ken is the Acting Deputy Chief Officer and Acting Executive Director Operational Preparedness.  He is highly decorated and recognised for his exemplary work with MFB over 36 years service. He has extensive command and control experience and is a qualified National and State Level 3 Incident Controller. (Level 3 incidents are beyond the capabilities of a single state, involve hazardous materials and pose extreme, immediate or long term risk to the environment and public health.)

 At our Forum on Oct 31 we will hear from Firefighters at the fire-front.

Peter Shroder 
Senior Leading Firefighter
Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board (MFB)

Following two years’ service as a firefighter with the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Peter joined the MFB as a career firefighter in 2006. He was involved in the 2009 Black Saturday campaign and is the Health and Safety representative for the MFB Western District. Peter is the elected representative for the United Firefighters Union of Victoria and represented the United Firefighters at the recent Al Gore Climate Reality training in Brisbane.

Thursday 31st October,  7:30pm
Highett Community Centre,
2 Livingston St,
Entry $5 includes tea/coffee

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