Council Capers

Bayside City Council and BCCAG

A BCCAG delegation has been meeting with Bayside City Council every quarter since 2016. This quarterly meeting is for discussion with Council staff responsible for delivering environmental sustainability initiatives and seeks to:

  • present the progress/status of activities, projects and programs being delivered by both organisations
  • determine where opportunities exist to support each other and take advantage of synergies in our mutual pursuit of reducing the impact of climate change and the promotion of sustainability
  • share knowledge, data and expertise
  • provide constructive feedback from the community on Council’s performance

Recent tabled discussions have covered issues such as:

  • updating Council’s Carbon Neutrality Action Plan
  • community use of Red bins for soft plastics recycling,
  • level crossing removal (LXRA) connectivity with existing pedestrian and cycling paths plus the possibility of incorporating a bike path from Highett to Cheltenham,
  •  provision of experts from BCCAG to support Council events,
  • investigation of the potential for community solar projects

Our Submission to Bayside Council on their Carbon Neutrality Plan.

More recently Pathway to Climate Emergency Declaration for Bayside Council  and Declaration of a Climate Emergency