Climate Emergency Declared by Bayside Council

The decision of Bayside Council to declare a Climate Emergency was greeted with a standing ovation from the public gallery – see image below. 
Nineteen speakers from the packed gallery had spoken to call on the Council to support the recommendation in the tabled report from Council Officers to declare a climate emergency. They included school and university students, scientists, small business owners, a range of professionals and also  retirees drawn from several different local community groups.

The Councillors then spoke one by one in support of the recommendation They even proposed two additional clauses to the initial motion that had been moved.

After the debate, the Council voted unanimously,

1. To declare a ‘Climate Emergency’ and in response to develop a Climate Emergency Action Plan.

2. To note existing commitments to purchase renewable energy and to be carbon neutral in 2020 whilst continuing to reduce emissions,.

3. To call on the Federal Government to increase its carbon emissions reduction target immediately.

Speaking after wards, David Rothfield said, ‘It was even more than we could have anticipated in our wildest dreams. It was the culmination of 9 months of work and campaigning by a dedicated team from the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group working in concert with many other concerned community groups.
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