August 2015 Forum Phillip Wollen Peace Ethics and Occam’s Razor

Phillip Wollen was BCCAG’s speaker at our Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 26 August. The title of his talk was PEACE ETHICS AND OCCAM’S RAZOR. Over 100 people attended the talk.

Philip, who once occupied a world of “lobsters and Learjets” came to the realisation that this was not an ethical way to live. He went on to explain that after witnessing untold cruelty during his travels he decided the world needed to be a much kinder place.

“When we suffer, we suffer as equals,” he said. The sound of his dying father was no different to the frightened sounds of animals in a slaughterhouse.

He left the corporate world and began a life of philanthropy, encouraging a life of non-violence, supporting social justice programs and saving animals and the environment. His passion and dedication came through with every word he spoke.


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